stålomspunna bromsslangar PTFE

Stålomspunnen Bromsslang

Världens största utbud av bromsslangar och kopplingar
Såhär funkar det

1.Designa din bromsslang
2. Tillverkad och skickad inom 24h.
3. Så enkelt är det.

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Kundrecensioner (ENGLISH)


Very impressed with these lines. After install I have noticed significant improvements in peddle response. Time from making the order to being delivered was amazing!

Jacob. H
Sundsvall, Sweden

Product and service was great. I did not have to wait long for the item to ship once placed. Will definitely order again!

Jürgen. F
Erfurt, Germany

I got to say that this tool is very impressive. Also the products delivered were exactly as designed!

Jaakko. S
Kuopio, Finland

To design my brakesystem on the web was a great tool for my custom bike!

Conor. S
Cork, Ireland

Significant peddle response improvement, which I did not expect. I wasnt sure I got the correct fittings, but support was helpful and answered all my questions. 5/5!

Raphael. J
Bordeaux, France